Friday, April 30, 2010

It's not goodbye

Now What If I Never Kiss Your Lips Again
Or Feel The Touch Of Your Sweet Embrace
How Would I Ever Go On
Without You There's No Place To Belong
Well Someday Love Is Going To Lead You Back To Me
But Till It Does I'll Have Empty Heart
So I'll Have To Believe
Somewhere Out There You're Thinking Of Me
Till The Day I Let U Go
Till We Say Our Next Hello
It's Not Goodbye
Till I See You Again
I'll Right Here Remembering When
And If Time Is On Our Side
There Will Be No Tears To Cry On Down The Road
There Is One Thing I Can't Deny
It's Not Goodbye
You'd Think I'd Be Strong To Make It Through
And Rise Above When The Rain Falls Down
But It's So Hard To Be Strong
When You've Been Missing Somebody So Long
It's Just A Matter Of Time I'm Sure
But Time Takes Time And I Can't Hold On
So Won't Yo Try As Hard As You Can
To Put My Broken Heart Together Again
Till The Day I Let U Go
Till We Say Our Next Hello
It's Not Goodbye...

Tetiba hari ni ase rindu nak dengar lagu ni... by laura pausini. penah la tergilakan lagu ni time form5 dulu... puncanya.... sbb mr.asrizy berpaling tadah. haha... lucu lak bila ingat2 balik... hehe...
so sedih kan lagu ni...sedih, tp best... klu x best xkan la dia fadila leh ciplak lagu ni wat versi alih bahasa untuk lagu aku masih setia.,...

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