Sunday, August 15, 2010

I need to hear this right now..

Priceless scrolls are in our hands,
Sweats of hardship such a lot to remind,
The nation need us,
Too much to be done,
Let's get down
Coz it's pay back time
Like gemstones beautiful and priceless
Each one is special
Own color and space
Strong, powerful and full of goodness,
Ready to be used bringing life and grace,
Courage, strength and determination,
Got to be strong
If we wanna brave through
Confidence, discipline and moderation
The world need us
So let shine through
If we fall
Just got to stand up
Failure is success
Lessons well learnt
Go on climbing
Just dont ever stop
Trust ourselves
We'll be on track again
Once we there
Humble ourselves
Taking dreep breaths to face new day
Together we stand
And pray to be blessed
Leader of tomorrow we here should stay...(2x)

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