Sunday, December 19, 2010


Really another an unproductive weekend.

A load of assignments but haven't any mood to start it. Actually i thought, i just need to have a bit of Hardworking Vitamin to trigger myself to start doing my assignments then everything will goes smoothly effortless to force my self to finish them.

Huhh, mana nak cari vitamin Hardworking ni? CCM Pharmaceutical xde buat ke??? Kordels? Naturelle? Anyone????

Let me list them up.

1) Writing and presentation slides for 'Pengairan Titisan' - Dr. Ramlah

2) Presentation slides for experiment micro-teaching: Induction set - Dr. Ramlah

3) Proposal Dr. Shaffe

I thought for no 1 and 3 i have to finish it by 6th Jan and for no 2 we have to present it on 23rd Dec before i return home for my E-day. They might look simple but i really need H vit to trigger me... OMG...

So helpless i am.

Tapi kannn!!! Thought another reason for me to have any mood to do my asg is, i surf the internet and blog-hopping so much when i have no class to attend. Ok, tonite i'll try as hard as i can to turn of the internet and do my asg at 9.30 pm. InsyaALLAH.

Btw, the book that i thought i hv been misplaced it has been found. Ya Allah, syukran. Now i dont need to spend my money for it. I dont know why when i searched it in my box last week i didnt find it. But yesterday, when i searched it again in that box, it was there. Alhamdulillah. Maybe last time i was so panicked. And someone has labeled me as 'CUAI'. Ok, heard and understand. But somehow i have a thought that, 'Who will ask to lost something? No one, right?Hmmm, speechless.

Today, still alone without my rumet. But fortunately she came back by the evening today. With my fav ikan pekasam. Memula gedik nak makan nasi separuh je, tapi dengan ikan pekasam camtu, sape nak tolak kannnn... Unless orang tu tak makan pekasam but i loikee... Nasik pulak panas2, i added half ladle more rice to my plate. Tak malu.. Hehehe...

Very the lazy to cook today. I just had hot milo and 3 pieces of biscuits for breakfast, vegetarian mamee cup noodle for lunch and called my sayang to buy me cheesy chicken burger for my dinner. And we ate the burgers at cafe Serumpun at 5.30 pm. Then, after finish eating the burger, i told my sayang, "Kenyang dapat tengok muka abang." Very the cheesy la pulak ayatnya.. Heheh..

Then my sayang balas, "Tak kenyang apanya dah makan burger ayam tambah cheese sebijik." Dush!!! Patah batang idung i. Dah la idung tak berapa nak ada batang. Huhuhu...

Ehh, forgot to tell, before yesterday, i thought Blogger had problems because i cant change my font style, size and color, but then when i use Mozilla instead of Google Chrome, my blog turned out to be as usual. Then, aku tak guna Google Chrome lagi dah padahal duluuuuuuu, before i format my laptop i prefer google chrome. Maybe google chrome gaduh dengan blogger kot. Huhu...

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