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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aku diintip!!!!

Yes, i have been stalked by someone.

So scary... Urggghhhh.....

Eyhhhh!!! Dah,dah... Tak yah nak perasan lelebih.. Xde sape nak stalk kau la.... Huhu...

Sebenarnya i have been observe by PK 1. For 40 minutes T&L.

Banyak yang perlu di improve. Banyak ilmu yang perlu digali lagi. Yeah, i am a novice teacher to be, insyaALLAH...

Walaupun banyak perkara yang tak menyebelahi aku berlaku tadi, tapi aku tak nak salahkan orang lain. Yang penting, aku kena tambah ilmu, perbaiki diri untuk menghadapi saat-saat seperti tadi lagi...

Ya, tadi ustaz yang mengajar sebelum waktu aku, keluar lambat dari kelas, then student yang ambil KHB pilihan ERT juga ambil waktu untuk keluar dari kelas. Then, bila ada PK 1, tetiba all of my students become passive. Ohh, damn! And i just got 20 minutes to finish up my T&L (P&P) session. And it became worst when half of the class that taking KHB pilihan ERT berpusu-pusu masuk without asking for my permission and without greet me while i am struggling to make a summary for the T&L of that day at the end of the session. It was obviously showing my weaknesses in handling and controlling the students. OMG.. Give me the strenght to be a better teacher.

But fortunately, it was better to be observed first by the school teacher before my real supervisor from university come to observe my T&L. Cause i got so many comments and tips to improve my skills.

Tq for all that involved.

But my prince said, it it ok to be commented by PK1 that much coz it just a normal thing for a teacher to be and someone that just into this field for 1 month...

So, chaiyok Miss Polaris!!!

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