Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To give or not to give


Nak bagi ke tak nak bagi?

Cane kalau aku bagi, there will be bad effects on him?

Cane kalau aku tak bagi, mana tahu dia nak.....

Apa pendapat korang kalau ada sorang boy ni suka sangat kepada seorang girl sampai sanggup tunggu 5 tahun, sampai sanggup tinggalkan his first love for this girl even tough they had been together for 3 years ++ but at the end, the girl that he wanted so much didnt accept his love.

Then after 8 years, that boy is happily in love with new girl. But suddenly the girl that he loved so much 8 years ago appears. She wants to contact him again and ask for his cellphone number from his bestfriend aka his first love that still in touch with him even though 8 years had passed by without any pauses....

So, kalau korang jadi THAT BESTFRIEND, do you wanna give her the cellphone number of this boy????


gadis semasa said...

aku mcm tahu je sape..

Miss Polaris said...

semoga mereka lbh bhgia~