Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When u fall for someone...

When you fall for someone once in a while for a reason...
it isn't just random... 
most of the time, that person, 
or at least that relationship, 
teaches something: to be trusting, 
to not be trusting, 
to be loyal, 
to be caring, 
to let go, 
to hold on, to 
move on, 
to speak out, 
to forget, 
to remember, 
to heal...
or, if you are lucky,
to love... 
and the things we take from those relationships are part of what makes them all worth while... 
so let your heart skip a beat, let a swarm of butterfly's into you stomach, 
let yourself feel totally and utterly happy, at least for a moment---
you will live, you will maybe love, and you will learn.

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