Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Miss her and our memories

She just crossed my mind last nite. We had been bestfriends. But broke up just because of some misunderstanding issues. And for the uncontrollable emotions expressed. Well, women are full of emotions. Hehe... 
Last nite, when i thought bout her, i just trying to convince myself, it is better to be like this than still keep in cold war like before. At least we are friends again. Eventho the friendship is no longer like before. 

Tapi pagi tadi dapat mesej dari dia. Bertanyakan khabar. Terima kasih sahabat. For forgiving me. 

I just found solace in my heart and mind the. Tq my friend deary.

And the lesson learnt. 

Miss u dear. And our same taste about sandals and fashion.

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