Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Besties Gets Pregnant!

Yeah, we had a late nite chat via Whatsapp last nite. At the first moment I received her text, I could smell something sweet. 

So I replied, "Wanna share any happy news?"

That was how the conversation started. And now the Mini Her is 6 weeks old. 

Happy for you dear. 

I wish I will experience that again the soonest, at the best time ALLAH has set for me. InsyaALLAH. 

They got married during the Chinese New Year break earlier this year. 

And the rizki for baby come to them earlier. That's the best of ALLAH's plan.

Mr. Mrs. Polaris with the bride and groom

My beautiful besties with her other half

Can't wait to see your baby bump, dear.
It must be sexy. Hehe.. 
Yes, pregnant women is sexy. And look glowing. 
For sure your baby must be intelligent. 
Yes, she is currently completing her pHD studies at UUM. 

Congratulations Wa and Syam. Take the best care.

Semoga sentiasa dalam rahmat dan perlindungan ALLAH dunia akhirat.